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"I express the wonders of the known universe in which we live. They resound inside me, without a solution of continuity, as the most weird and unexplained questions and this is mainly the source of my inspiration"
"I express that everything in any human´s life like experiences, emotions and knowledges. is slowly built and without pause, These facts are shaped with colors, and symbols without any logical order but with an unpredictable determinism and constitute an unique and unrepeatable mosaic."
"I express the idea of something without limit of power, ability or knowledge. Something that is immensely or incomprehensibly big as the universe or small, mysterious and so unknown like the sub atomic world. I also pay tribute to the natural phenomena at the quantum level, which we both see at the macro and the micro cosmos."
"I express the existence of two phenomena or different characters in one person or inside the same state of things. It is a key principle in order to understand this universe. We also refer to the doctrine which postulates the existence of two independent supreme,antagonistic and irreducible coexisting principles."
"I express the first moment in which an idea, a fact or situation is generated.It is the magical, unique and unrepeatable moment immediately at the beginning of something that transcends and is prolonged over time. These artworks represent the resonance of these phenomena in my inner being"
"I express the ability to store memories from certain emotions. This is the mechanism that allows me to retain the notion of certain memories linked with emotions.I link a current fact with one from my past. I also play with experiences of my past lives and I bring them to my current life in a figurative defined style."
Dream in GIZA
I express my profound admiration for the civilization of Ancient Egypt. Chronologically it is my first series of paintings and the only one that is still not completed. Being purely figurative I play with fantasy and science fiction generating a fantastic story that I paint in different artworks.
Art Dan Aug, XXI Century Art Painting by Daniel Augusto Chiesa
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