DANIEL AUGUSTO CHIESA, better known as "Dan Aug", was born in Uruguay in 1956 from Italian parents. His life has been marked by a passion for science, technology, and astronomy, which had led him to traverse the world, living in Italy and the United States, before settling in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Dan Aug's background in science, (electronics & physics), and I.T. sparked his interest in astronomy and space exploration, which eventually led him to the world of ART. In 2002, he began his artistic journey, focusing on painting, and quickly gained recognition for his exceptional talent.

Dan Aug's artistic career reached new heights in 2005 when his artwork, "Xanadu Joyful Day" won first prize (adult category) in a global art painting competition organized by The Planetary Society and the European Space Agency, celebrating the touchdown of the "Huyguens" probe (Cassini mission) on Titan, the largest satelite of Saturn. This artwork was exhibited at the Operations Center of the European Space Agency in Darmstadt, Germany, and Pasadena (JPL), California, USA. Jan.14th, 2005

As a member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA), Dan Aug has participated in many conferences and forums related to art and astronomy science, making a significant contribution to the field of art.

Dan Aug's prolific work as an artist, which is inspired by the mysteries of the universe, science, and mysticism, has been exhibited in numerous national and international exhibitions. His artworks can be found in various private collections, and he has performed dozens of solo and collective exhibitions worldwide since 2002.

Dan Aug's art is characterized by a unique and innovative approach that combines science and art in a captivating and meaningful way. His artworks often depict cosmic landscapes, celestial objects, and astronomical phenomena, offering a glimpse into the wonders of the universe.

In summary, Dan Aug is a distinguished artist whose career has been shaped by his passion for science, technology, astronomy, and space exploration. His exceptional talent and innovative approach have earned him a prominent place in the international art scene, and his artworks continue to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide.

Agora Gallery (NYC, US) Critique

"Dan Aug's
paintings offer a fusion of science and mystery, where utopian futurism meets the constructive historical praxis of ancient Egyptian architecture. Looking at the artworks of Dan Aug, the viewers will initially be impressed by the mythical and mystical narrative that is crossed through their paintings. While not borrowing from a single tradition, and not copying the sacred stories of ancient societies, Dan Aug has found a way to integrate a cosmological understanding of the universe with the technological innovations that shape the way we see the world of today. For this purpose, he also characterizes and incorporates astronomical and cosmological knowledge into his artworks. What’s perhaps most significant about Dan Aug’s artistry, and the themes he works with, is his preference for oil on canvas. To be sure, since the time of the Renaissance it has been almost commonplace for philosophical and religious themes to be painted in oil. Yet Dan Aug uses oil paints to point out the layered process underlying scientific and technological insights. Thus, his paintings often go by the title of Construction, and, whether figurative or abstract, emphasize the mosaic like patterns out of which our logical understanding of the world."

Mrs. Angela Di Bello,

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